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Sovereign Silver, Argentyn 23 clear All Categories of U.S.P. <51> Test for Antimicrobial Effectiveness

Date: May 02, 2005

U.S.P. <51> Antimicrobic Effectiveness Evaluation: Sovereign Silver and Argentyn 23

Both of Natural-Immunogenics Corp.'s products, Sovereign Silver and Argentyn 23 were evaluated in a nationally accepted standard test method, performed by a FDA-licensed pre-clinical testing laboratory. The standard test method employed world-wide, and considered by the FDA in assessing products for antimicrobial effectiveness claims, is the U.S.P. <51> protocol for Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing. Five different microorganisms (representing the “microbiological spectrum” of microbe types) are employed: S. aureus, E. coli, Ps. Aerogenosa (all 3 are bacteria), C. albicans (yeast), and A. niger (mold/fungus).

Natural-Immunogenics Corp. desired to know how good their products are, so a NON-STANDARD 6 minute initial time point was employed, in addition to the 7, 14, and 28 day time points.

Both of its products, Sovereign Silver AND Argentyn 23, killed ALL U.S.P. <51> Antimicrobial Effectiveness Study microorganisms (bacteria, yeast and fungus) within only a 6 minute exposure and satisfies all criteria for all categories (from aqueous to injectables) using only a 6 minute product to microbe exposure.

To see the final report, as received from the examining laboratory, click here.

Both products were challenged with 10,000 viable organisms (CFU) of each species.

Number of microorganisms surviving a 6 (six) minute exposure to Sovereign Silver and to Argentyn 23 are shown in the following graphs: